• Nutec Houses is built on a Non Permanent Structure
  • Floor Frame is Built with Treated Pine and SABS Approved 
  • Floor is Built from Treated Ply Masonry
  • Structure is Built from Treated Pine
  • Outside of House is Cladded with Nutec (Fire Proof, Water Resistant,easy Painted and a Thickness of 12mm)
  • Inside Dry Walling
  • Ceiling with 25mm Polystyrene for Isolation
  • Inside flooring, Masonry, Tile, Carpet or Laminating
  • Aluminium Window Frame
  • Wooden Doors
  • Teak Wood Decking if Required
  • Chromo Deck Zinc roofs, Colour of your choose
  • Houses fitted with Kitchen, Bathrooms and Cupboards to your spec
  • Ideally the Nutec Houses can be used for Hunting Lodges, Flat’s for extra accommodation. Specifically great for generating extra income!
  • Can also be Customized for Doll, Play Houses or Wendy
  • Also very low  Maintenance
  • Please phone or Email for Site Visit and Quotes 
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Nutech Housing